About us

e3-msr-west-colorado---sales-consultAt e3 MSR West, we know you have a choice - which is why we are dedicated to providing the hearing and balance testing professionals with knowledgeable staff, trained in the use and operation of all the instrumentation we offer. 

Since 1978, e3 MSR West has earned the trust of the vast majority of health providers, such as Audiologists, audiology clinics, universities and Ear-Nose-Throat physicians. We have also established a stellar reputation with schools, and industrial hearing testing programs.  

With 15 technicians who are on the road every day in the West and Northwest, we are the largest service provider, and can get to you in short time - all the time. Our competitors strive to emulate the high standards we have set in the industry.  At e3 MSR West, we take care of our customers.

To contact our Colorado office:

Address: 14377 Mead St
Longmont, CO  80504

Office:  (800) 777-4130
Fax:  (303) 604-2610

Your Local Experts

Since 1988, e3 MSR West has provided audiometric sales and service solutions in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Our dedicated team of experts has a unique blend of clinical and technical expertise that we provide to all of our customers.

msr-west-co-ashley-piccone-2016   Ashley Piccone, Au.D.

Regional Sales Manager
(800) 777-4130
  • Ashley joined e3 MSR West in the Colorado office in 2012, lending her expertise to customers in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Prior to that, Ashley practiced as an audiologist for over eight (8) years, working in a private practice setting and as an educational audiologist.
  Jon Amick

NASED Certified Technician
(800) 749-8075
  • Jon’s attention to detail, strong work ethic, and level of expertise has been instrumental in supporting our customers. He has a widespread knowledge of electronics and is NASED Certified.
  Joshua Rives

NASED Certified Technician
(800) 777-4130
  • Joshua joined e3 MSR West following his work as a Field Technician/App Engineer and quickly showed his skills by earning his NASED Certification.  Prior to that, he served in the Marines where he received his education and training in Electronics.
  Jaremy Putoff

Service Technician
(800) 777-4130
  • As a recent new hire, Jaremy joins the Colorado team as a Service Technician. His willingness to help out in every scenario, and aptitude for learning, we expect great things from Jaremy.
  Danna Pita

Service Scheduler
(800) 777-4130
  • As our Service Scheduler, Danna’s attention to detail and administrative experience are what keeps things running smoothly and in a timely fashion. Whether you are calling to schedule your equipment for calibration or have an emergency repair, Danna will work with you to ensure minimal downtime for your equipment.
  Jana Kessler

Office Assistant
(800) 777-4130
  • Jana has been with e3 MSR West since 1995, helping out in various capacities, and is now our Office Assistant. Jana is committed to ensuring our customers experience when working with e3 MSR West not only meets, but exceeds their expectations, keeping up the foundation of “Helping the West to Hear.”

Expertise, Excellence, Everyday - The e3 Diagnostics Difference

e3 Diagnostics is based on three cornerstones:  expertise, excellence and everyday.  These three e's are the core values each team member provides to every customer, everyday.


Expertise is our people.  Audiologists, sales team, technicians and operational support. Across the nation, our network consists of the audiology industry's most respected and highly regarded leaders and business advisors.  We are here to help you grow and take care of your customers.


Excellence is our product and services, which are unparalleled in the industry.  We represent the world's leading manufacturers of the highest quality special instruments and supplies, and our national service team are factory-trained and NASED certified.


Everyday is our ability to be near you on an everyday basis, wherever you are and whenever you need us.  We have offices in your community no matter where in the US your business is, and our response time is typically within 24 hours.