Grason-Stadler Pello


NOW AVAILABLE:  The Pello is a one-and-a-half channel audiometer that offers air, bone, and speech audiometry that can grow with you as your practice grows.  Pello’s familiar design and large color display can perform the standard audiometric battery and, depending on the configuration, additional tests such as the TEN Test, Quick SIN and High Frequency audiometry.  The Pello can be used as either a stand-alone or a PC enabled audiometer, so users will find the comfort of testing on a dedicated device while combining the flexibility of one-button data transfer to GSI Suite for reporting, counseling and hearing aid fittings with Noah 4 as a module.  Easily customize test settings with the configuration application and the report designer, with drag and drop functionality, creates reports with check boxes for your specific requirements.  It is easy to envision increased efficiency with the Pello, making it an ideal audiometer for the modern clinic.