msr-west-about-us-image-3Roger Ott graduated from University of Northern Colorado in Greeley with a M.A. in Audiology in 1974.  At this time Roger began his career at EAR, Inc. located in Boulder, CO.  Roger traveled the territories of Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming and Alaska for many years calibrating and selling equipment.  

In 1982, Donald Atchison was hired by EAR, Inc. for the purpose of service and selling to the pediatric market in and around the territories. Bobb Johnston was hired in early 1983 as a service technician and Kristine Thomas came aboard in November of 1984 as the administrative assistant for all of the guys.  With the territories expanding, the need arose for more qualified technicians; Rodney Warembourg was added to the staff in 1987.  From there we grew – and grew.  Our Seattle, WA office officially opened for business in December of 1988.   

In 1989 e3 MSR West, Inc. was officially formed and incorporated in the State of Colorado.  It soon became obvious we would need a more “local” office for sales and service in the Utah area.  To be closer to the customers, Don Atchison moved to Utah in 1992 at which time Steve Brasso joined our service department in that office.

The addition of more technicians and salespeople brought about the need for more clerical staff.  Jana Kessler began working for e3 MSR in 1995.  As we grew, we added more technicians and office staff in all of our offices.  In 2011, e3 MSR West merged with Acoustical Calibration Sales and Service and Jim Armstrong joined the group.  With the addition of Jim's thirty (30) plus years of experience being added to the careers of Rod, Roger, Don, Bobb, and Kris, MSR West now had one of the most knowledgeable team of experts in the industry.  By the time we were purchased by e3 Diagnostics we had offices in Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque with 32 employees. 

We have a history of longevity in our staff and we are proud of the customer base and customer loyalty to e3 MSR West.