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The e3 Network has the most experienced team of service personnel in the nation. Each technician undergoes rigorous training to become NASED certified in all manufacturers’ equipment and obtains annual continuing education to keep on top of the latest technological advancements. We ensure the accurate performance of Hearing and Balance screening and diagnostic equipment.

The e3 Network has earned the trust of the vast majority of health providers, such as audiologists, audiology clinics, universities and Ear-Nose-Throat physicians. We have also established a stellar reputation with schools, and industrial hearing testing programs. With over 100 technicians on the road every day, we are the largest service provider, and can get to you in short time – all the time. Our competitors strive to emulate the high standards we have set in the industry. 

Your patients count on you for an accurate diagnosis and expert care.  Your standards are high.  Why would you trust your equipment maintenance to anyone but the best?

service-expertise   service-excellence   service-everyday
circle-bulletManufacturer compliant performance assessment and calibration
dash-bulletProcedures to ensure the acceptable performance of all audiometric and balance test equipment
circle-bulletTechnicians use proprietary Master-Cal System
dash-bulletState-of-the-art computer driven calibration kits
dash-bulletType 1 Precision Sound Level Meters
dash-bulletANSI and NASED approved artificial mastoids for bone conduction calibration
dash-bulletANSI and manufacturer recommended test couplers
circle-bulletANSI and OSHA compliant calibration on all brands
dash-bulletANSI S3.6 Specifications for Audiometers
dash-bulletANSI S3.39 American National Standard Specifications for Instruments to Measure Aural Acoustic Impedance and Immittance
dash-bulletANSI S3.1 Maximum Permissible Ambient Noise Levels for Audiometric Test Rooms
circle-bulletThorough troubleshooting to identify and resolve equipment issues
  circle-bulletSuperior customer service and support in a polite, professional manner
circle-bulletProfessional and legible calibration certificates generated on-site for your files
dash-bulletSupporting documents on all equipment
dash-bulletQuantified measures on all instruments
dash-bulletDocuments meet third party and legal requirements
circle-bulletOn-site repair service on all brands
dash-bulletLoaner equipment (if available) provided if bench repair is necessary
circle-bulletCustomized calibration and service contracts
circle-bulletPreventive maintenance
  As the largest distributor in the world, we have local offices throughout the country, within hours of your facility.  Each office is staffed to provide immediate response to service calls.
circle-bulletIn-office administrative support staff to answer phones and assist with scheduling and customer support
circle-bulletAdvance calibration scheduling for your convenience
circle-bulletEmergency service generally available within 24 hours
circle-bulletA full line of supplies and consumables for all equipment and business needs, often shipped the same day
circle-bulletShop 24/7 online

nased-logoNASED, the National Association of Special Equipment Distributors, is the only national group dedicated to maintaining the highest level of standards for your hearing testing equipment.

Our certified technicians are trained and monitored to ensure their knowledge as well as skills. All NASED members must verify the accuracy of measuring devices, and supply documentation and maintain records.

To request a calibration or repair service at a time that is convenient for you, contact your local office today!

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